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Correx Signs and Window Stickers

correx signs ruislip

Digitally printed shield graphic on 5mm correx corrugated plastic for 5 star security, Securing your every need. visit them at

correx signs ruislip

[cc_blockquote_right]I have used Paul several times now for my company vehicles and Marketing material, always an excellent service and very good prices.. [/cc_blockquote_right]

A word or 2 from Jason O’Sullivan, the director, about some of the services they offer:

Our state of the art doors are fitted with two high lever locks,
giving double locking protection and ensuring the door is
of a higher security standard than that of a standard
household lock. They also come complete with anti tamper
hinges to ensure that the door cannot be removed and
ensured the building remains as safe as possible.

Our steel screens are secured with back bars and act as a visible and highly effective
deterrent to potential thieves, intruders and in some cases squatters. Our special design
means that the security screens are fitted flush with the existing window allowing
no gaps around the framework ensuring an object cannot be placed behind it to
rip it from the wall.

Our custom steeling service allows us to secure any shape or size of opening on your
property, with exactly the same benefits as our screening service we can customize
out steel sheets to secure such things as outhouses, letterboxes and meter boxes
ensuring your building is as safe and secure from every angle.

As well as our traditional rental service we can offer our clients a FIT & FORGET service
using ply boarding, with a one off fitting fee we can board up anything from a one off
window to an entire property at short notice to ensure your property remains as
secure as possible.

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