New Range of NEON Style Lettering


Neon lettering can be both an expensive and fragile option for sign and display. Our newly developed range of NEON Style lettering powered by low power LED is a bright and low cost alternative. An added bonus of this solution is that i can be designed and made in literally any font style. Available in a range of colours and completely custom sizeing, our illumnated lettering is an affordable solution should you wish  to display your message or logo in style.

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Letter Fixing Instructions

how to fit

The process for using the supplied paper fitting template and the hidden locator fixings is detailed below

paper template

Take the paper template and fix it to your fitting surface
using masking tape. This template shows the locations of
where to carefully drill the holes for the letters, so MUST be straight and level.
Ensure that the paper is tight and flattened down over the fitting surface-
any slack may impact the alignment of your mounting holes.

TIP: When fitting to brickwork, masking tape may not hold so try using duct tape.

drill the marked holes

Using the drill marks indicated on the template, drill out the holes
(initially using the smallest drill bit you can).
Make sure all marks have been drilled and then remove the template
but dont throw away until the job is complete.

screw on the cups

If you have drilled into wood you can screw the cups into place.
If you are fitting onto masonry, concrete or plaster board
you need to further open up the holes using a larger drill bit and
fit wall plugs into each hole before screwing cups into place.

TIP: When fitting the cups don’t tighten all the way, leave slightly loose[cc_h_line]

click on the letters

With all cups attached to the fitting surface you can start to
fit the lettering onto the cup part of the locators.
Apply firm, even pressure until you hear a clicking sound,
this indicates that the cups and pegs are fully locked in place.


Steel Effect Letters, Middlesex Stadium, Ruislip

ruislip sign

Made from brushed finish Di-Bond onto the brickwork, these letters give the clubhouse set within the grounds at the middlesex stadium in Ruislip a new elegant look. Founded in October 2007, the Clubhouse gave Ruislip a brand new experience. The Stadium has a state of the art sports bar exceeding over 400 inches of 3D and High Definition screens, intelligent mood lighting system, outdoor bar, smoking area and also serves Indian cuisine. Vistit the website at middlesexstadium.comsilver letters ruislip sign

LED Sign